Webdesign for The Olive Tree

The website features a clear and easy-to-navigate menu that entices visitors with detailed descriptions of the restaurant's traditional dishes. Additionally, it tells the story of The Olive Tree in an engaging and informative manner, giving clients a glimpse into the restaurant's rich history and culture.

Logo Animation for Ariadna Paniagua Diaz

This signature animation conveys elegance, creativity, and a sense of fluidity, all qualities that could be associated with a writer like Ariadna Paniagua Diaz.

Branding for Gracia Grind

Gracia Grind is a cafe in Barcelona that offers specialty coffee, fresh food and local culture. The branding project for the cafe aimed to reflect its cozy and modern atmosphere, as well as its location in the artistic Gracia neighborhood. The branding project will help Gracia Grind to attract more customers and stand out from other cafes in the city.