We enhance your Gastro Business by creating an engaging Online Customer Experience

We can help by

1. Menu
By using the QR codes on the table to access your menu, both staff and guests might save time.

The menu can be automatically translated by the website if the clients are tourists.
2. Allergy Icons
Meals may be marked on the website with allergy icons for a more inclusive customer experience.

When deciding on a dish, this will also be beneficial for vegetarians and vegans.
3. Company Values
Inform your clients and guests of the guiding values that govern your company.

Giving potential clients a good reason to pick your business is key.
Which companies do you work with?

We collaborate with eateries, coffee shops, and other food-serving establishments.

What are the payment terms for a project?

Before we begin working, we require a 30% down payment. The final 70% is due after your website has been launched. Bank transfer is the preferred form of payment.

Let's bring your restaurant to the next level

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